The Joomla Website Launch Checklist

Far too often websites get launched that look finished but are far from it. We follow a rule when building new sites at Joomstore. When a site looks to be 90% done, it's only about half way there. Here's a 35 point launch list to check off before going live with your next site.

The 35 point Joomla Website Launch List

Imagine launching a new website only to get complaints that stats aren't being reported because the tracking code wasn't added. Or the website is losing pagerank because titles and metadata are incorrect. Complaints like this are easy to rectify but it takes the shine off what should be an exciting occasion.

Don't leave these easy tasks undone simply because they aren't thought of.  Create a launch list to tick off before handing over a new website. If you use Asana to manage your projects, you could create a project template with your launch list items defined as individual tasks.

Or you can use this one...

The Joomla Launchlist

Appropriate Metadata and Titles have been written for each page? 
"Email to a friend" and "Print" pages have been tested?
You may need to modify your template's component.php or system.css files.
Print stylesheet has been written and tested?
Google Analytics tracking code has been added to your template or an appropriate plugin has been configured?
Tested on Android phones?
Tested on Android tablets?
Tested on Iphone?
Tested on Ipad?
Tested on Windows Edge and IE9/10/11?
Tested on Chrome?
Tested on Safari?
Tested on Firefox?
Proofread by more than just you?
404 error page is working?
New Favicon uploaded?
Check out where you can generate a plain old 16x16 transparent favicon or a complete set of app icons and browser manifest file.
Joomla system cache and page caching enabled?
Joomla Session Lifetime set to a reasonable time?
15 to 30 minutes is good. It is common practice for developers to increase the session time during development. For security reasons keep it as short as possible when going live.
GZip is enabled in the Global Configuration?
Correct time zone is set?
Error Reporting is set to "none"?
Forms have been tested and email confirmations are working?
Sitemap extension installed, configured and tested?
Sitemap XML file uploaded to Google Webmaster Tools?
The website passes HTML validation?
Here's the W3C Markup Validator
Stylesheets pass CSS validation?
Use the W3C CSS validation service.
Social Media sharing enabled?
This can be handled through your template, via a plugin or a 3rd party service like
OG data and Twitter cards configured?
This is important if you expect your content to be shared on social media. There's a number of plugins on the JED to handle OG data and Twitter card generation. I have some code I add to my templates which is customised for each site. What is OG Data? What's a Twitter Card?
If you are using JCE, have you customised the settings?
Particularly, the clipboard settings. Clients love to paste directly from Word no matter how much you stress not to. Configure JCE to do it for them. It'll save everyone lots of time and you can quit nagging.
Administrator account (not a Super Administrator) established for the primary website administrator?
There is only one Super Administrator account?
The Super Administrator username is something other than "admin"?
Speed and performance has been measured and optimised?
Check your server has Expire Headers set correctly and update your .htaccess file if you need to. Set the site up with CloudFlare, install and configure plugins like JCH Optimise and ScriptsDown.
Uninstall all unused extension, templates and modules.
Website monitoring set up through or
Do you have a maintenance plan in place?

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